Our Process

You may have looked at an advert in one of …

You may have looked at an advert in one of the home interest magazine or found us via one of our supplier’s web-site, but most of our business is from recommendations. A visit to the showroom is probably were we will start. The process during this initial contact is where we may discuss your ‘wish list’ and your thoughts on how this investment will change the way you live at present.

Starting with our site visit we begin to get to know our clients, their interests, lifestyles and tastes, a business relationship quickly develops, then everyone becomes more relaxed and a certain trust becomes apparent which helps communication, we really do find out what your aspirations are.

Once we have taken the room sizes, confirmed the wish list, initially we generate 3D drawings of your kitchen. This normally consists of 3 or 4 designs and you will start to get a feel for the design and prices of your project. We do projects to suit all budgets; the most important part of the process is the DESIGN.